Experiencing the world beyond the classroom is an essential part of your Florida Southern education.

At FSC, every academic program is filled with engaging hands-on classroom experiences that will provide you with opportunities to test your theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios within your field. This is critical to your academic success at FSC and will be achieved by collaborating alongside your professors in the research lab, on stage, and in the studio.

Collaborative Research

Enhance your educational experience at FSC by working closely with a faculty member to pursue scholarly research and creative activities in your field of study. Our collaborative research program allows you the unique opportunity to delve into your passion and explore your field of study. Once selected, you will work with one of our distinguished faculty members to generate a project that will be researched throughout a summer session. 

As you work with your faculty, their encouragement, as well as your commitment to quality will produce publishable work. After performing the research or creative activity alongside a faculty member, you will present your findings at the campus conference, Fiat Lux. You may also have the incredible opportunity of presenting at regional and national meetings during the year.

These collaborations create exceptional research opportunities and build close working relationships with your faculty mentors.

In your collaborative research program, you will have access to the latest technology and excellent laboratory facilities both on and off campus. This academic opportunity allows you to link theory and application, grow your investigative and interpretive skills, increase your ability to communicate complex ideas and provides you with a more competitive portfolio for graduate or professional schools.

Collaborate Research


Get ready for the real world!

Florida Southern College students are guaranteed an internship opportunity. At FSC, we believe that having experience in your field, as well as knowing professionals in your industry prove to be useful after graduation when you are looking to obtain your first job or pursue further education.

Our internship programs may be paid, volunteer, or for academic credit - either way, you will gain real world experience in your field of study. Many of our students have interned with ESPN, FOX News, GEICO, Sea World, Merrill Lynch, and NASA - just to name a few.

Partnership with the Washington Center

Florida Southern College is the only private institution of higher education in the State of Florida with a formal internship agreement with the prestigious Washington Center. By partnering with the Washington Center, FSC students have access to world of politics, law enforcement, journalism, and national and international government relations, which affords students with an opportunity to apply their academic applications in real-world scenarios.

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Whether you plan to launch your career right away or continue your studies, FSC will prepare you to meet new challenges with confidence.

At Florida Southern, we strongly believe in exposing you to the real world before you enter the work force and this is why FSC guarantees you an internship in your industry. Once you enroll at FSC, be sure to meet with your personal faculty advisor, visit our helpful Career Center, participate in our many job fairs on campus, and enjoy an internship experience during your undergraduate career. You will be glad you took advantage of this incredible opportunity.


Performance is the key to success in FSC’s prestigious music and theatre programs.

From solo recitals to outstanding ensemble concerts; from specialized degree programs to participating just for fun; from one-on-one lessons to comprehensive classroom courses - the underlying focus is performance.

In contrast to most large universities where you would have to wait years in order to be cast as the lead in a production, our students have the opportunity to be involved early and stay involved throughout their college career!

As an aspiring performer, you will have opportunities to perform on stage to a packed house alongside world-renowned musicians, act a part in one of our plays, or even sing in an opera.

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Chris Kline

Chris Kline

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Service Learning

Service Learning teaches you social responsibility by integrating valuable community service projects into the curriculum you are learning in the classroom.

“I started working on community service projects right away, and I have made a difference in the community, gaining lifelong friends along the way. My time here has been better than I ever could have imagined.” Katherine Thousand, B.S. in Nursing 

This educational method will provide you with community-based experience in order to enhance your academic knowledge. You will use the practical applications of your classroom studies to actively contribute to the community and solve real-world problems.

The service experience is integrated into course readings, lectures, discussions, and writing assignments. Even though community service is integrated into the academic curriculum, students are evaluated in terms of regular academic standards and not for the services provided.

The Center for Service Learning at Florida Southern College matches students in all areas of discipline to needs within the community, granting each student valuable experience through benefitting others. Florida Southern College is committed to creating future community leaders, increasing community involvement and providing students with opportunities to actively enhance their education in the community in which they work, live, and learn.

Study Abroad

Want to spend your summer perfecting your Spanish language skills on the shores of the Mediterranean? Perhaps you’d like to gain first-hand business experience in Asia? Or maybe, you want to spend a semester exploring the sights of London?

At Florida Southern College, you can do all of these things and more, all while earning academic credit! FSC offers you the chance to explore the world through our various summer, semester, and year-long study abroad programs.

Travel study opportunities are life-changing—they broaden your perspective on issues, teach you self-awareness and build your confidence. You can pursue your studies in exciting locales such as Australia, the Bahamas, China, Costa Rica, Fiji, France, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

Your study abroad options are not limited to the programs we offer through FSC. Our student travel office will gladly assist you in finding other programs or internships offered throughout the world. Find out more about our Junior Journey guarantee and take one step closer to having the adventure of a lifetime!