Foundation Courses - 0 hours

Course NumberCourse Name
BUS 6010Graduate Business Foundations*

Required Courses - 21 hours

Course NumberCourse Name
BUS 6360Leadership and Organizational Behavior
BUS 6460Marketing Strategy
BUS 6560International Business
BUS 6660Economic Decision Making**
BUS 6760Financial Management**
BUS 6860Data Analytics**
BUS 6960Strategic Management**

Industrial/organizational psychology track courses - 12 hours

Course NumberCourse Name
PSY 6150Industrial Psychology
PSY 6250Organizational Psychology

Additional Elective Courses - SELEcT Two Courses

Course NumberCourse Name
PSY 6300Workplace Motivation
PSY 6350Personnel Selection
PSY 6400Training and Development
PSY 6500Special Topics in Industrial/Organizational Psychology

MBA Program Total - 33 hours

* This is a pass/fail, self-paced course that focuses on accounting, finance, economics and statistics to equip students with an overview of fundamental background knowledge and skill-sets essential for success in the FSC MBA program and career.
** Course has the prerequisite requirement of BUS 6010 Graduate Business Foundations.