Foundation Courses - 0 hours

Course NumberCourse Name
BUS 6010Graduate Business Foundations*

Required Courses - 21 hours

Course NumberCourse Name
BUS 6360Leadership and Organizational Behavior
BUS 6460Marketing Strategy
BUS 6560International Business
BUS 6660Economic Decision Making**
BUS 6760Financial Management**
BUS 6860Data Analytics**
BUS 6960Strategic Management**

Financial Elective Courses - 9 hours

Course NumberCourse Name
BUS 6700Investments
BUS 6770Financial Markets and Institutions
BUS 6790Financial Analytics

Additional Elective Courses - 3 hours

Course NumberCourse Name
BUS 6230Lean/Six Sigma Processes
BUS 6240Supply Chain Management
BUS 6250Operations Management
BUS 6260Management Negotiations
BUS 6270International Field Experience
BUS 6280Graduate Internship in Business
BUS 6290Entrepreneurship/New Venture Creation
BUS 6350Business Law for Accountants
ACC 6200Advanced Auditing (3)
ACC 6300Advanced Financial Accounting (3)
ACC 6400Advanced Managerial Accounting (3)
ACC 6800Advanced Taxation (3)
ACC 6900Research and Capstone Project (3)
ACC 6520Governmental and Not for Profit Accounting (3)
ACC 6540Regulatory Accounting (3)
ACC 6560Forensic Accounting (3)
ACC 6580Advanced Information Systems (3)
ACC 6720Special Topics in Tax (3)
ACC 6840CPA Review (3)

MBA Program Total - 33 hours

* This is a pass/fail, self-paced course that focuses on accounting, finance, economics and statistics to equip students with an overview of fundamental background knowledge and skill-sets essential for success in the FSC MBA program and career.
** Course has the prerequisite requirement of BUS 6010 Graduate Business Foundations.