EDU 7010Educational Leadership and Theory
EDU 7020Curriculum, Learning and Instruction
EDU 7040Organizational Theory and Behavior
EDU 7050Educational Politics, Policy and Current Issues
EDU 7060K-12 Law and Governance
EDU 7070Curriculum Analysis
EDU 7080Finance and Resource Allocation
EDU 7090Quantitative Analysis
EDU 7093Advanced Quantitative Research
EDU 7120Qualitative Methods of Inquiry
EDU 7123Advanced Applications of Qualitative Research
EDU 7130Policy Analysis, Implementation and Evaluation
EDU 7138Dissertation Seminar A (2-credit hour course)
EDU 7139Dissertation Seminar B (1-credit hour course)
EDU 7140Dissertation (9 hours)

*Courses 7010-7130 are four credit hours each.