A. General Education Requirements40 hours
B. Major Requirements68 hours
Course NumberCourse Name
EDU 1107Foundations of Education I
EDU 2200Field Study Level I
EDU 2203Foundations of Education II
EDU 2210Foundations in Special Education
EDU 2235Technology Infused Teaching and Educational Assessments and Measurements
EDU 2240Teaching Language Arts Level I
EDU 2241Clinical Experience in Literacy Instruction
EDU 3279Foundations of ESOL I
EDU 3323Field Study Level II
EDU 3333Foundations of Education III
EDU 3339Instructional Methods I
EDU 3343Children’s Literature
EDU 3347Teaching Language Arts II
EDU 3370Differentiated Instruction of Reading for Elementary Students
EDU 4400Field Study Level III
EDU 4407Instructional Methods II: Social Studies in the Elementary School
EDU 4409Instructional Methods III: Science in the Elementary School
EDU 4478Applied Linguistics – ESOL II
EDU 4887Reading Endorsement Practicum
EDU 4889Student Teacher Intern Seminar
EDU 4990Senior Internship
C. Bachelor of Science Degree Requirements68 hours
D. Electives4 hours
E. Total124 hours