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Aeronautics. Astronautics. (TL)

Agriculture (S)

Anatomy (QM)

Anthropology (GN)

Arts and Crafts (TT)

Astronomy (QB)

Auxiliary Sciences of History (C)

Biography (CT)

Biology (QH)

Books, General. Information Resources (Z-ZA)

Botany (QK)

Chemistry (QD)

Childrens Books

Chronology (CE)

Commerce & Finance (HF-HJ)

Criminology (HV)

Customs and Recreation (GT-GV)

Economic Theory and History (HB-HC)

Education (L)

Encyclopedias & Dictionaries (AE-AG)

Engineering (TA-TJ)

Environmental Sciences (GE)

Epigraphy (CN)

Fine Arts (N)

Fisheries (SH)

Folklore (GR)

Genealogy (CS)

General Works (AC-AZ)

Geography (G-GB)

Geology (QE)

Heraldry (CR)

History, Americas (E, F)

History, World (D)

Home Economics (TX)

Human Ecology (GF)

Hunting Sports (SK)

Industries & Labor (HD)

Language & Literature, Eastern Asia. Africa. Oceania (PL)

Language & Literature, Greek (PA)

Language & Literature, Oriental. Indo-Iranian (PJ, PK)

Language, English (PE)

Languages, Celtic (PB)

Languages, Germanic (PD)

Languages, Hyperborean and Artificial (PM)

Languages, Indian (PM)

Languages, Modern. Celtic (PB)

Languages, Romance (PC)

Languages, Scandinavian (PD)

Languages, Slavic. Baltic. Albanian (PG)

Languages, Uralic. Basque (PH)

Languages, West Germanic (PF)

Law (K)

Linguistics (P)

Literature, American (PS)

Literature, English (PR)

Literature, French. Italian. Spanish. Portuguese (PQ)

Literature, General (PN)

Literature, German. Dutch. Scandinavian. Nordic. (PT)

Literature, Juvenile. Fiction. (PZ)

Manufactures (TS)

Mathematics (QA)

Medicine (R-RZ)

Microbiology (QR)

Military Science (U-UH)

Mining. Chemical Technical (TN-TP)

Music (M)

Naval Science (V-VM)

Numismatics (CJ)

Oceanography (GC)


Philology (P)

Philosophy (B-BD)

Photography (TR)

Physics (QC)

Physiology (QP)

Political Science

Psychology (BF-BJ)

Religion (BL-BX)

Science, General (Q)

Social Sciences, General (H)

Socialism. Communism. Anarchism (HX)

Sociology (HM-HV)

Statistics (HA)

Technology, General (T)

Transportation and Communications (HE)

Zoology (QL)