Pre-Law Studies


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Considering a career in law? Or want to understand how the law impacts other fields such as business?

Florida Southern’s pre-law minor gives you a solid foundation and practical experience in the law and our legal system making this program ideal preparation for law school and nearly any career path.

Top Reasons to Study Pre-Law at FSC

  • FSC's ongoing relationships with local firms, government agencies, legislators, and judges guarantees you'll get a firsthand look at practicing law.
  • Our various speaker series bring together members of the legal community, professionals, and students for meaningful discussions about legal issues.
  • You'll build strong analytic and communication skills.
  • Our low-cost prep course ensures you'll be ready to sit for the LSAT.
  • FSC's distinguished affiliation with The Washington Center enables you to gain experiences only available through living, studying, and working in our Nation’s Capital.

Engaged Learning in the Classroom

The core of our program is The Law and The Courts, an integrated course that combines in-depth study of the legal system with engagement with lawyers, judges, court officials, and legislators.

Course Information

Through courses in everything from financial accounting to public speaking, you’ll develop the analytic and communication skills every lawyer needs. Beyond the classroom, however, you’ll gain real-world experience of the law firsthand through an internship with a firm. You’ll also complete courses in logic that prepare you for the all-important LSAT.

Internship Opportunities

A variety of area firms and the Polk County Public Defender’s Office regularly hire FSC students as interns. These include:

  • Peterson, Myers, PA
  • Clements and Wallace, Elder Law
  • Miller, Crosby and Miller, PA
  • Lilly, O’Toole and Brown, LLP
  • Smith, Feddler, Smith and Miles, PA

Our students also intern with local judges, research firms, and insurance companies that require legal research.

Clubs & Organizations

FSC sponsors chapters of both Pi Alpha Delta and Pi Sigma Alpha, honorary societies for law and political science, respectively.

Special Features

Pre-law Internships

FSC has an ongoing relationship with the Public Defender’s Office for summer internships as well, and many students who intern at local law firms during the semester continue at these forms as employees during the summer months.

Lecture Series

Our series of speakers in the "Law and The Courts" course brings students together with members of the legal community to discuss the impact of our legal system within the larger arena of American policy and politics.

Advisory Board

To ensure our pre-law program prepares you most effectively, we created an outside advisory board of practicing attorneys.

LSAT Prep Course

When it comes time to take the LSAT, we offer a preparation course and practice tests at a very affordable cost that can be scheduled without interfering with your regular classes.

Graduate & Professional Opportunities

Our pre-law major is designed to help students develop analytical skills that will be helpful for further study of the law. FSC students have gone on to pursue their Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree at:

  • Barry University
  • Dickinson School of Law (Penn State)
  • Florida Coastal School of Law
  • Stetson University College of Law
  • Southern Illinois University School of Law
  • University of Miami
  • University of Mississippi
  • University of Tennessee

While law school is the most common aim, FSC’s Pre-Law program gives you the skills to pursue a wide range of career paths, such as public administration, graduate school in political science and international relations, paralegal training, and business.


Program Requirements

To complete the interdisciplinary pre-law minor, students must complete:

A. The following specific coursework (no substitutions possible):
ACC 2211 Foundations of Financial Accounting
PHI 2208 Logic
POS 2500 Law and the Courts
SPC 1500 Fundamentals of Speech
B. A non-major writing course (e.g., a course outside the student’s major field of study)that satisfies the Effective Communication C General Education SLO, the selection of which must be approved in advance by the pre-law advisor.
C. At least one hour of internship credit with a law firm, the selection of which must be approved in advanced by the pre-law advisor.

Course Descriptions


Four hours. To understand accounting for corporations. Gen Ed: Qn

For a complete list of ACC courses, see Accounting  


Four hours. Logic is the study of methods of correct reasoning. As such it can be approached both from “formal” and “informal” perspectives, both of which feature in the course. Informal logic involves critical thinking techniques that are practically useful in everyday argument and debate. Formal logic, also known as symbolic logic, involves mathematical models that reveal the underlying structure of reasoning and are applicable for various purposes, including most notably computer programming. The course emphasizes how both approaches are useful for solving real world problems from various fields. Gen Ed: Qn

For a complete list of PHI courses, see Philosophy  

Political Science

Four hours. This course is a systematic description and analysis of the role, structure, and behavior of the American legal system, with an eye to the interests and concerns of pre-law students. The course reviews and integrates the topics of the law and legal system into the US, discusses procedures and patterns of behavior within that system, and examines the impact of our legal system within the larger arena of American policy and politics. Some previous coursework in political science is desirable, but not required.

For a complete list of POS courses, see Political Science  


Four hours. Theory and practice of public address; preparation and delivery of short speeches; development of critical thinking and listening. Gen Ed: EC-B

For a complete list of SPC courses, see Interpersonal & Organizational Communication