Marketing —Career Track for Business Administration


—Career Track for Business Administration


Whether you’re designing a sales strategy, researching consumer behavior, or identifying the right audience for a product, as a marketer, you’ll have the knowledge and skills to creatively solve market challenges.

You’ll gain a competitive advantage in our marketing career track through courses that offer firsthand experience shaping the advertising, promotion, and sales tactics of real-world products while developing a solid understanding of business concepts.

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The Barney Barnett School of Business and Free Enterprise at Florida Southern College has taken its place among the most respected university business schools in the world by earning accreditation from AACSB International – The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. This accreditation helps enable our graduates to get into the best graduate schools in the country.

  • Named "Best Local School to get your MBA" by the readers of Orlando Business Journal
  • Recognized by Tampa Bay Business Journal as a top MBA program
  • Ranked among the top 20 Most Innovative Small College Business Departments by Business Research Guide

Top Reasons to Choose FSC for Marketing

  • Accreditation by AACSB is a mark of excellence in business education, earned by less than 5 percent of the world’s business programs.
  • You’ll gain firsthand marketing experience while building a solid foundation of general business knowledge.
  • You’ll have opportunity to intern with local, national, and international companies.
  • You’ll participate in real-world case studies with local businesses and organizations.
  • Your advanced courses will allow you to build expertise in all aspects of marketing.
  • Our guaranteed travel/study option ensures that you gain the global perspective needed to succeed in today’s marketplace.

Engaged Learning in the Classroom

In addition to your coursework, you’ll work on marketing projects for local businesses and organizations.

Students work on marketing projects for local businesses and organizations Our marketing management class created an awareness campaign for a new KIA dealership, and KIA's corporate officers are currently considering adopting their materials.


Course Information

Through your courses, you’ll master the complexities of marketing in courses that teach you to perform business-critical activities, such as the competitive analysis; product development; and relationship management with suppliers, distributors, and consumers. In addition to the required marketing courses in the business core, you’ll be able to take electives in specific areas such as international marketing, marketing research, marketing management, and sport marketing.

Graduate & Professional Opportunities

Marketing is one of the hottest growing industries, and a career path in marketing at FSC will separate you from other college graduates. You’ll be ready for a career in fields such as marketing, marketing research, and sport marketing. And because you’ll take more than just traditional business courses, you’ll also be better prepared for graduate school.

FSC marketing majors have gone on to work in brand management, market research, and public relations for such companies as:

  • Lockheed Martin
  • MetLife
  • Detroit Tigers
  • Wynn Resorts
  • Ritz Carlton

Special Features

Advanced marketing classes engage students

Our advanced marketing classes engage students in real-life case studies where they work hand-in-hand with local businesses and organizations.

Study Abroad trips can last a summer, a semester, or a year

We offer study abroad programs that last a summer, a semester, or a year and May Option trips that allow you to study corporations in Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

FSC marketing class pitched a marketing campaign to Chevrolet

An FSC marketing class pitched a marketing campaign to Chevrolet and was selected for the national Chevrolet Marketing College Internship Program

Business administration majors who pursue marketing take advanced courses

Business administration majors who pursue marketing take advanced courses that include International Marketing Strategies, New Venture Creation, Leadership Competencies, Marketing Management, and Marketing Research.


Program Requirements

Business Administration
Major Requirements

In keeping with FSC's mission to prepare students to make positive and important contributions to society, you will benefit from core courses along with your business course work.

A. General Education Requirements 40 hours
B. Major Requirements 66 hours
ACC 2111 Foundations of Financial Accounting
ACC 2112 Foundations of Managerial Accounting
BUS 1115 Business and Society
BUS 2217 Principles of Management
BUS 3125 International Business Environment
BUS 3160 Marketing Principles
BUS 3311 Legal Environment of Business
BUS/ECO 3320 Applied Statistics of Business and Economics
BUS 3453 Managerial Finance
BUS 3705 Business Information Systems
BUS 4999 Seminar in Strategic Management of the Business Enterprise
ECO 2205 Principles of Microeconomics
ECO 2207 Principles of Macroeconomics
C. Bachelor of Science Degree Requirements 12 hours
D. Electives 6 hours
E. Total 124 hours

For a complete listing of requirements, please refer to the
Academic Catalog  

Marketing Electives

BUS 3155 International Marketing Strategies
BUS 3160 Marketing Principles
BUS 4148 Marketing Management
BUS 4466 Marketing Research
BUS 4960/4961 Business Administration Internship
BUS 4999 Seminar in Strategic Management of the Business Enterprise

3-Year Fast Track Speedometer Graphic

3-Year Fast Track

You can earn your business degree in three years. View the 3-Year Fast Track Plan for a B.S. in business  


Course Descriptions


Four hours. To understand accounting for corporations. Gen Ed: Qn

Four hours. Prerequisite: ACC 2111. Managerial accounting and analysis. Gen Ed: Qn

Business Administration

Four hours. Prerequisite: BUS 3160. International Marketing Strategies is intended to provide undergraduate students with awareness, an analysis of global, international, and multicultural issues as they relate to companies and countries with an integrated course project that is applied to an actual organization. In this integrated course project students will develop several drafts, including a final draft to be submitted and presented to the client. The project requires students learn, analyze, and creatively solve a problem and then determine the best method to communicate a solution to the problem.

Four hours. Prerequisite: ECO 2205. Marketing principles, functions, organizations, methods, and problems involved in the exchange process known as marketing; a managerial perspective that revolves around the marketing concept and the marketing mix. Gen Ed: Ql

Four hours. Prerequisites: BUS 2217 and BUS 3160 and BUS 4466. Management of marketing functions and analysis of problems of representative companies, including product development, pricing, promotion, and distribution; uses of computer in market management.

For a complete list of BUS courses, see Business Administration  

Four hours. Prerequisites: BUS 3160 and BUS/ECO 3320. Marketing research is an important ingredient in the Marketing and/or business major. It is a vehicle for students to use what they have learned with what they will do when they graduate.

Four hours. Prerequisites: Senior standing; permission of the instructor; BUS 3312, BUS 3115, and BUS/ECO 3320. Correlating theory and business practices in two operational settings; supervision by cooperating practitioners and faculty in several areas of application.

Four hours. Prerequisites: Senior standing, all other courses in the major, and successful completion of coursework that satisfies Effective Communication SLOs A and B. The capstone course of the business administration major. The course integrates knowledge of all business disciplines from other courses. Uses case studies and team-based projects to identify problems and formulate strategic policies that shape the destiny of organizations. The course emphasizes analysis, decision-making, and implementation of business strategies. Gen Ed: Ql, EC-C


Four hours. Consumer behavior and aggregation to markets, Producer behavior, theory of the firm, and aggregation to markets analysis: production and pricing of goods, factors of production and their attendant input markets and distribution of output, elasticities and incidence of a tax.

Four hours. National income and product accounts; theory of aggregate supply and demand, employment, consumption, investment, price level, economic growth, money, currency exchange, the Federal Reserve, interest rates, and comparative economic systems.