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Learning Communities

Learning Communities are about living, learning, and having fun together!

A Learning Community is a group of students who take a common set of courses together and participate in common experiences around their academics.

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Learning communities allow you to build close relationships with your professors and make new friends with similar interests right from the first day.

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While each course is different, professors coordinate activities and assignments. This curricular integration will help you develop a deeper understanding of coursework and succeed in your studies.

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Cooperation and teamwork are hallmarks of the learning community experience. The opportunity to work collaboratively will help you form support networks and build essential teamwork skills for success.

Learning Communities are offered to first-year students only and residential communities will be limited to approximately 20 participants.

Learning communities are great! You always have someone to help you. —Clara Morose

Participate in a Living-Learning Community

Florida Southern offers the following residential-based Living-Learning Communities. Opt-in online when completing your New Student Enrollment forms.

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Law and Politics
All Majors

This community is designed for students with an interest in law and legal studies, policy and policymaking, and the broader arena of the study of politics and government, including international politics. The focus will be on the human creation of government and governmental frameworks, with an emphasis on rule making (law), how rules are made, and who makes them.


Musician’s World
All Music Majors

Studies suggest that talent in any enterprise is developed through focused attention drawn from the desire to practice inherent skills. Experts are not born experts. They progress by cultivating habits and routines that lead to increasing levels of accomplishment and maturity. This community will help aspiring musicians acquire the skills needed for success.

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Nursing Majors Only

Designed to support first year (BSN) students, you’ll have the opportunity to build your team, leadership, and nursing skills by engaging in nursing related service-learning activities in underserved populations. Faculty and peer mentors will provide assistance as you transition into college life and advance through this very demanding program.

Learning Communities

Florida Southern also offers Learning Communities that allow you to connect with other students who have similar academic interests without the residential component.

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