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Taiwan - Music

May Trip

Exploring Traditional Chinese Music, Arts & Culture
May 8 to May 24
Dr. Fen-Fang Chen

"Must have permission from professor to enroll on this trip." Explore Chinese music though hands-on activities with the professional Chinese Orchestra (Taipei Chinese Orchestra), the college student orchestra (Chinese Culture University—Traditional Chinese Music Department), and Ju’s Percussion Group (professional percussion performance group). In addition, students will attend the concerts performed by these professional music groups. Students will also discover Taiwan by touring the entire island, enabling students to learn the various arts, culture, foods, and natural environment.

Caribbean / Latin America

British Virgin Islands

British Virgin Islands

May Trip - JJ

Boat Tour of the British Virgin Islands
May 4 to May 9
Dr. Kristian Taylor

You’ll gain unprecedented access to the marine environment, both day and night, travelling by boat through the British Virgin Islands learning their colorful history as you visit areas that reflect the unique Spanish, English, French, Dutch, and Danish people that have inhabited the area over the past 300 hundred years. You’ll learn about coral reef biology snorkeling reefs in both the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea and go ashore to explore secluded bays, the ruins of old sugar plantations, and uninhabited islands.
Costa Rica

Costa Rica - English

May Trip - JJ

Environmental Rhetoric and Policy in Costa Rica
May 7 to May 15
Dr. Louis Di Leo

Explore strategies for sustainability as you journey to Costa Rica's capital, coasts, and rainforests. Experience thermal hot springs, stroll through a cloud forest, zip-line through the canopy, and more as we engage and analyze the rhetorical arguments behind environmental conservation and the burgeoning ecotourism industry.
Costa Rica

Costa Rica - Education

Spring Trip - JJ

Costa Rica - A Close Look at Diverse Education
March 3 to March 11
Dr. Bernardo Blanco

Students on this trip will explore the local organization of communities and school systems in rural Costa Rica. Explore the beaches and various Costa Rican culture. This trip will immerse our students within the local culture, including classrooms observations of Costa Rican students. We will visit rural area schools in the Province of Guanacaste Nandayure and/or Tilaran. We will also visit two working plantations to ascertain what education might be needed to assist help them produce a better margin in their trading of products. Students will have some time in San Jose to shop as we prepare our return to FSC.




Spring Trip - JJ

Alaska and the Northen Lights
March 3 to March 11
Dr. Malcolm Manners

Travel Anchorage to Fairbanks and back, visiting Denali State Park, Denali National Park, University of Alaska's Reindeer Research Farm, U.A.'s Museum of the North, and a large-animal conservation park. Night-time excursions to see the Northern Lights if the weather conditions allow it.

Hawaii - Biology

Spring Trip

Microbial Soil Diversity on the Big Island of Hawaii
March 3 to March 11
Dr. Gasper

Prerequisite: BIO1500 or permission from instructor. On this study abroad trip, we will visit the Big Island of Hawaii where we will collect soil samples from a variety of climates which we will then examine upon our return to Florida Southern. Join us as we make our way through a variety of ecosystems, including Volcanoes National Park, a tropical rainforest, and of course, multiple unique beach destinations. We will also gain knowledge of traditional Hawaiian culture through an overnight stay at Volcanoes National Park, a Luau dinner, trips to historical sites, and a coffee plantation tour. Other activities include a helicopter tour of the island, a zipline tour through the rainforest, and numerous hikes off the beaten path to secluded waterfalls and beaches.


May Trip - JJ

Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Parks
May 6 to May 12
Dr. Manners

Explore and learn about two of American’s greatest national parks with Dr. Manners – Yellowstone and Grand Teton. With thousands of hiking trails, these parks offer countless opportunities to view extraordinary landscapes and wildlife that can only be found in northeastern America. We’ll visit hot springs, waterfalls, and geysers, including Old Faithful. May is the perfect time to visit these fantastic national treasures – it’s a time of renewal when the rigors of winter melt away, the wildflowers begin to paint the valley, and animals and birds begin to return or emerge from their winter hibernation, so with luck we’ll see bison, otters, and eagles among many others.



Germany - Political Science

May Trip

The Racial State
May 6 to May 29
Dr. Bruce Anderson

This course is designed to familiarize students with sites important the history of Nazi Germany during World War two. This trip covers two disparate elements and two separate and quite different sites: the Ravensbrueck KZ, near Furstenberg (Havel), Brandenburg, the only concentration camp specifically designed and housing women; and Quedlinburg, Saxony-Anhalt, which was to be the focus site of the new Nazi “religion”. The first aim is to familiarize students with the system of camps, their hierarchy and administration, and their use. We will stay “within the wire” at Ravensbrueck KZ, in the old SS accommodations for the matrons (which numbered among them Ilse Koch). Here, we will examine the camp in its three stages: as a detention camp and prison for women “social deviants”, political criminals, and religious offenders (chiefly Jehovah’s Witnesses); through its transition period of labor camp and industrial center, and through its final stages as a death camp. This section of the course will be team-taught by Dr. Anderson and Dr. Matthias Heyl, head of education at Ravensbrueck KZ. The second aim of the trip is to work through issues of displacement: Quedlinburg was a monastery and convent, founded by Henry the Fowler in about 900 AD. It was converted to Lutheranism in the 1500s, and sank into obscurity until rediscovered by Heinrich Himmler, who fancied himself a reincarnation of Henry. Himmler’s interest in the place was focused on making it a center for the new Nazi “religion”, a mish-mash of the occult, old “Nordic” myths, and nonsense of his own invention. Perhaps not incidentally, the ruins of the Langenstein-Zwieberge KZ are nearby: the dead from this camp were cremated at Quedlinburg’s city crematoria.

Harlaxton - Communications

May Trip

Study Abroad at Harlaxton Manor
May 8 to June 1
Dr. Trice

Come join us at Harlaxton Manor, a beautiful and historic Elizabethan Manor House just outside of London, where students will live and study for four week’s in May. Students will explore the similarities and differences in American and British media, and visit some media sites like the BBC's Media City and the movie set of the Harry Potter series. The trip will also include a weekend in Scotland and day trips to places like Shakespeare’s Stratford-Upon-Avon and the Globe Theater. The trip concludes with a week in London.
Iceland & Ireland

Iceland & Ireland - Art

May Trip

Photography in Iceland & Ireland
May 7 to May 23
Dr. Romero

The Iceland & Ireland trip is led by Dr. Sam Romero. Students will sign up for a photography course and adventure through 2 European countries and several cities for 3 weeks. The trip starts off in Iceland where you will visit sites such as the Thingvellier National Park, Thorsmork Glacier Valley and the Blue Lagoon. From there travel to Northern Ireland for walking tours of Belfast, a daring climb of the Giant’s Causeway and Carrick-a-Rede bridge, and a day spent at one of the main filming locations for Game of Thrones. The last leg of the journey will be spent in the Republic of Ireland, visiting Dublin, the Ring of Kerry, and Blarney Castle in Cork. This is only a portion of what’s included in this trip. Check out the full itinerary for more info. All breakfasts and dinners are included in the cost of the trip.

Italy - Athletic Training

Spring Trip - JJ

Athletic Training in Ancient & Modern Italy
March 3 to March 11
Dr. Stanley Green

This course is a weeklong field experience trip dedicated to the development of sports and sports medicine in Italy. We’ll explore the clinical practices employed by ancient medical professionals to treat athletes by exploring the resources and facilities available to the Romans with visits to museums, local universities, and a variety of important locations like Pompeii, the Colosseum, and the Rome Soccer Club facilities. There will still plenty of time to explore the modern culture of Italy with guided tours of Rome, Pisa, and Florence with stops at the Vatican, Trevi Fountain, and the Uffizi Gallery among many others and a fantastic opportunity to prepare your own pasta supper during a cooking class.


Spring Trip - JJ

Cultural Immersion in Italy
March 3 to March 11
LTC Vaira

This trip offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to visit Italy and become culturally immersed through a variety of activities. On this Junior Journey you’ll experience Italian life, history, art, and culture in the four major cities of Rome, Florence, Venice, and Milan. Join us on guided tours of significant sites and museums, including the Colosseum, the Vatican, and a Dolomites mountain excursion. Interactions with the local populace throughout the day and at special events will further your understanding and enjoyment of Italian culture and language in our increasingly complex world.

Paris - Education

May Trip - JJ

French Culture, Art, & Children's Literature
May 6 to May 14
Dr. Powell

Immerse yourself in the glorious world of children’s literature and French culture where they intersect in the grand metropolitan city of Paris! Travel in and around the city, visiting historic sites with visits to libraries, museums, and locations to learn how culture impacts and inspires art and literature. We’ll be looking at the various artistic styles and cultural movements that have influenced the art and stories written for children and using this newfound knowledge to create our own stories and artwork. Independent and guided tours of Paris, Versailles, and more will expose the history and culture of children’s literature and its relationship with French modern society.

Spain - Spanish Language and Culture

May Trip

Spanish Language Immersion
May 8 to June 6
Dr. Jose Garcia

Students will have the opportunity to study the Spanish language and culture at Proyecto Espanol located in the Mediterranean seaside city of Alicante, Spain while living with a host family during their stay. They will also have the opportunity to participate in various local tours and excursions to nearby towns such as Guadalest and a trip to Barcelona.