At Florida Southern, you don't just check into a room. You become part of a community. Unpacking your suitcase and settling into your room is the beginning of what promises to be a rich and rewarding experience.

Some of your most memorable experiences will happen with roommates and friends, lingering over dinner at Wynee’s, sipping Starbucks at TûTû’s, or hanging out in the lounge in Wesley Hall late at night.

As a residential college, Florida Southern provides a wide array of services to all students living on campus, including telephone, cable, computing, maintenance, mail services and dining—all make living on campus a great option! See campus amenities »

Living on campus is an important part of your college experience, giving you the opportunity to meet new people, experience new ideas and develop important study habits and social skills.

Each area is a unique community staffed by well-trained Hall Directors and Resident Assistants who can provide assistance and support.

Not only is living in the campus community convenient and enjoyable; you are just steps away from classes, computer labs, recreation and new friends. Residents can participate in great programs and events, right here on campus! Comedians, concerts, garden parties, movies and dances are a convenient source of entertainment.

Housing is offered year round, although on a limited basis in designated areas during the academic semesters.

Office of Community Living

The Office of Community Living oversees all aspects of life in the residence halls. Here, you’ll find information for incoming residential students, safety regulations for residents, a directory of the community living staff, and other important info about life at Florida Southern.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions!

2014-2015 Enrollment

New students must fill out the New Student Enrollment Form to indicate their housing preferences.

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Returning Students

Returning students please fill out the Housing Application for 2014.

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Returning Students can check into their rooms for Fall 2014 at the following times:

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    from 10 AM–2 PM

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Located in the Student Life House (SL) on Callahan Court

Residential Options

First-Year Halls

First-Year Halls

From the moment you unpack your boxes, you’ll become a part of a community. From study groups to movie groups, from Resident Advisors to roommates, the opportunities are there for you to settle in and start a successful career at FSC.

First-Year halls  

Second-Year Experience

Second-Year Experience

Experience a family-like environment where you know your neighbors and programs are designed specifically for second-year students.

More about SYE  

Upper class options

Upper Class Options

As an upper-class student, you’ll have a wide variety of residence halls from which to choose.

Upper-Class housing options  

Learning Communities

Learning Communities

Learning communities offer a unique opportunity to establish a solid foundation ensuring your success. Open to first-year students, they will help you to connect with the campus and other students during the fall semester (and possibly beyond).

Learning Communities  

Take a Closer Look!

Resident Advisor

Resident Advisors are students just like you. They live in the residence hall community providing support, encouragement, guidance, and direction for their peers.

Dining Options

At Florida Southern, you will find a wide variety of dining options that accommodate your busy schedule as well as nutritional demands.


Life with roommates can provide some of the most rewarding times you'll have at college.

Getting Involved

Imagine a college campus where 100% of the students are involved in extracurricular activities. At FSC, you’ll stay busy morning, noon, and night.

Housing Options

Housing Options

Community life on the Florida Southern campus is about getting connected, and there’s no better place to connect with others than in our spacious, attractive, and comfortable residence halls.

At FSC, you’ll find a variety of housing options, from traditional halls, to apartments, to theme-based living arrangements. And because your residence hall will be your “home away from home”, we’ve made sure that it has all the amenities you need for a comfortable and productive stay.

Like to see our residence halls?

After all, a visit may be all it takes to decide Florida Southern in the place for you! Schedule your tour, today!


First-Year Halls

Your first year on campus is likely to be a bit overwhelming as you become acclimated to your new home.

At FSC, we’ll help ease your transition with living environments dedicated specifically to first-year students.

Joseph-Reynolds Hall

Affectionately known as “JR,” one of the four original buildings on campus, it combines everything you’d want in a residence hall: history, personality, and functionality. Community life is big here—the women of JR form groups within the building as a whole and also within the “wings” and smaller hallways.

Gender: Female
Room Types: Singles, Doubles, Triples, and Quads
Dell Hall

Dell Hall

Dell Hall is a traditional residence hall housing both male and female students consisting of double-occupancy rooms with furnishings built into the design of the facility. Dell is home to many first-year students as well as sophomore students who elect to participate in The Second-Year Experience (SYE) program.

Gender: Co-ed (by floor)
Room Types: Doubles

Allan Spivey Hall

Also one of four original buildings on campus, “Spivey,” as it’s called, offers a relatively traditional hall setting. A four-story building, Spivey stands adjacent to Joseph-Reynolds Hall in the center of campus and is conveniently located between Edge Hall and the Ordway Building.

Gender: Male
Room Types: Singles, Doubles, Triples, and Quads

Barnett Residential Life Complex

The gift of alumni Carol '79 and Barney Barnett '65, Wesley Hall & Nicholas Hall, named in honor of their sons, are the two buildings that compose the architecturally revolutionary Barnett Residential Life Center, designed by world-renowned architect Robert A.M. Stern. These stunning, four-story masterpieces house first-year student with rooms notable for their views of magnificent Lake Hollingsworth. Each building boasts four student lounges and a large student kitchen.

Gender: Co-ed (by floor)
Room Types: Singles & Doubles

Upper-Class Options

As an upper-class student, you’ll have a wide variety of residence halls from which to choose.

Each hall offers the same positive student environment that you may have experienced as a first-year student at FSC, including relevant and motivating programming that will continue to help you develop your academic, personal, and social growth.

Hollis Hall

Hollis Hall

Hollis Hall is located on the east side of campus across the street from the Publix Commons. Hollis is part of a three-building upper class student residential community that includes Miller Hall and Dell Hall. It is a traditional style residence hall offering all spacious, single rooms for residents.

Gender: Co-ed (by floor)
Room Types: Singles
Hollis Hall

Miller Hall

Completed in January 2004, Miller Hall connects Hollis Hall and Dell Hall to form a larger living community. You can choose between single- and double-occupancy rooms with a shared bath. Miller Hall houses male and female students on separate floors.

Gender: Co-ed (by floor)
Room Types: Singles & Doubles

Greek Village

A grouping of four residence halls, Greek Village consist of Jenkins Hall and the three buildings that comprise the Publix Commons. Jenkins Hall, located on the corner of Duke Place and Harvard Road, offers double-occupancy rooms and floor bathrooms. Publix Commons is conveniently located on the corner of McDonald Street and Ingraham Avenue, close to just about everything on campus. All three buildings offer suite-style living in which six students reside in single-occupancy or double-occupancy rooms and share a living area and bathroom, Publix 62 and 63 are for female students and also serve as the home for the FSC sororities and females who choose to live independently. Jenkins Hall and Publix 61 are male residence halls and home to FSC fraternities and independent men.

Gender: Co-ed (by building)
Room Types: Singles & Doubles

College-Owned Apartments

Apartment-style housing is also available at Florida Southern. Living arrangements consist of one- or two-bedroom units, with living rooms and kitchens, and are generally reserved for our more mature students looking for a more independent lifestyle.

Lake Morton Apartments

Lake Morton Apartments

A short walk to campus, these high-style “villas” offer modern convenience coupled with independent living. This complex, which overlooks lovely Lake Morton, is comprised of 77 units each outfitted with ceiling fans, walk-in closets, dishwashers, and sleek IKEA furnishings.

Colony Arms

Colony Arms

These apartments located on Success Avenue, one of Lakeland’s loveliest streets, offer independent living moments from campus. Each of these spacious units offer ample living space, nice size kitchens, and plenty of parking.

Lake Hollingsworth Apartment

Lake Hollingsworth Apartments

Conveniently located on the corner of Lake Hollingsworth Drive and Crystal Lake Drive, the Lake Hollingsworth Apartment Complex boasts spacious one- and two-bedroom apartment options for qualified upper class students and is just a short walk or drive away from campus.


Free laundry

Each residence hall has a near by laundry facility that is free of charge for students living on campus.

Cable and high speed, wireless internet

Bring your TV and laptop to enjoy the latest technology in your room and around campus.

Wellness Center

Five on-campus dining options

Students living on campus can use their meal plan to purchase food from any of our on campus dining options. Learn more about dining services.

Furnished rooms

Your room includes a desk, bed, dresser, and armoire/closet to help you make the most of your space.

Located on Lake Hollingsworth in the heart of Lakeland

The majestic waters of Lake Hollingsworth offer the perfect backdrop to your experience at FSC. You can choose to stay in Nicholas or Wesley Hall to wake up to a lake view every morning.

Two study spaces outfitted with computers available to students

No matter where you live on campus, there's a study space nearby. Equipped with computers for student use, you can leave your computer in your room.

State-of-art security

Dorms are swipe access only, limiting entry to residences of the building.

Wellness Center

Wellness Center with gym and fitness classes

Looking to sweat off the calories in the gym or relax in a yoga class? The Wellness Center offers modern work out equipment and variety of fitness classes.

Year-round heated pool

Enjoy the Florida weather and take a dip in the pool. Whether it is 60 or 90 degrees out, the water is always perfect!


Rest assured, you’ll have one thing in common with your roommate; They are just as nervous about sharing a room! National statistics indicate that more than 95% of entering freshman have never had to share a bedroom.

But you can relax. With halls designated specifically for first-year students, you’ll meet people who are experiencing the same anxieties and concerns as you are—encouraging friendly and comfortable interaction.

And remember that housing application you completed? Our Community Living staff reads each and every one and matches students based on their responses.  They’ll take into consideration habits and patterns that tend to cause conflicts in roommate situations, like room cleanliness and bed times, and try to pair you with someone who has similar lifestyle preferences.

In early July, you will receive a letter informing you of your room assignment and roommate. We encourage you to contact your roommate over the summer to begin the process of getting to know each other.

But don't feel compelled to become best friends for life with your roommate. There is nothing wrong with just being good roommates. You will find that you will have a more positive roommate experience when they get to know other people in your hall.

After your first year at FSC, you’ll be able to select your own room and choose your roommate(s) via a housing selection process that occurs every spring.

Life with roommates can provide some of the most rewarding times you'll have at college. Many people develop lifelong relationships that begin as roommates. With a little effort, you can create a roommate experience that you will remember fondly for years to come.


Second-Year Experience

Experience a family-like environment where you know your neighbors and programs are designed specifically for second-year students.

Mix together programming, resources, and mentoring and you've got the Second-Year Experience, specifically designed to fit the needs of YOU as a second-year college student. SYE focuses on support and ensuring success as you enter your next phase at Florida Southern.

Staffed with experienced Resident Advisors, a Hall Director, and overseen by a Community Living Coordinator, this is a program which provides a personal touch.

SYE offers connections:

Not just a residence hall. SYE provides services and programs to all second-year students.

  • Students are encouraged to interact with others who are at the same stage of college.
  • A variety of both social and educational programs help to ensure a successful college career.

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Community Living Staff

Meet Our Staff

We are here to help you!

The Office of Community Living, a part of Student Development, located in Student Life House (SL), works synergistically with a number of offices on campus including Campus Safety, the Wellness Center, and the Facilities/Maintenance staff to oversee all aspects of life in the residence halls.

Assistant Dean of Student Development for Community Living and Accountability

The Assistant Dean supervises all the daily operations of the office including management of the residential life experience and student accountability for the college campus.

Marc Tuschen

Marc Tuschen
Assistant Dean


Assistant Directors

Our Assistant Directors of Community Living oversee the areas of residential education and housing operations to ensure a safe and enjoyable living environment. They provide direct supervision and guidance to Hall Directors and Resident advisors.

Allison Manning
Allison Manning
Residential Education

Hall Directors

The Hall Directors are professional staff members who live in the residence halls and create welcoming inclusive communities for our students. They serve as a resource for students' social and academic needs. Hall Directors are responsible for interpreting & upholding college policies and they meet with students to resolve conflicts and provide guidance. Hall Directors directly supervise Resident Advisors.

Joel Hoover
Joel Hoover
Greek Village
Office in:
Jenkins Lobby
Annlynn Harvey
Annlyn Harvey
Allan Spivey &
Office in:
Spivey Lobby
Lindsay Petry
Lindsay Petry
Wesley & Nicholas
Office in:
Nicholas 4th Floor
Nicholas Shirley
Nick Shirley
Dell, Miller and Hollis Hall
Office in:
Miller Lobby

Resident Advisors

RAs are paraprofessional staff members and undergraduate students at Florida Southern College. They are responsible for community development, social and educational programming within the residence halls, interpretation of college policies and various administrative tasks. In addition, the RAs are trained in mediation and listening skills to serve as peer helpers. In total, there are 61 RAs across campus, with higher concentrations in first-year student areas.

Next year's RAs to be announced when available.