Science Careers

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Entry Level Science Careers &
Post-Graduation Internships

Whether you are searching for your first position after graduation or simply interested in learning more about entry-level careers and internships, the information on this page is for you!

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Entry Level Jobs of Recent FSC Graduates

  • Microbiology Lab Technician 
  • Research Assistant 
  • Science Teacher
  • Chemist
  • Microscopist
  • Operations Technician
  • Analytical Lab Tech
  • Sales Associate
  • Textbook Content Developer
  • Animal Programs Educator

Preparing for the Job Search

Before exploring Available Positions, ensure you have completed all of the following:
  • Research different science careers.
  • Polish your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile. Meet with the Career and Internship Coordinator or a Career Counselor in the Career Center to have these items critiqued.
  • Schedule a practice (mock) interview and use Optimal Resume to improve your skills, then participate in the "Moc" Interview Day hosted by the Career Center. Also sign up for on-campus interviews through College Central Network.
  • Attend Career Expos (such as the Career and Internship Expo or the Science and Pre-Health Internship Showcase) to evaluate your options.
  • Continue networking efforts that will enhance your job search.
  • Review helpful resources, such as the handouts and podcasts below:

Helpful Resources


Science & Pre-Health: Career & Internship Advising Homepage
Run by the Career and Internship Coordinator for science and pre-health students, this site includes a wealth of information, available opportunities, and a link to make one-on-one appointments.

FSC Career Center
Provides helpful resources and information to help you realize your career goals. Located on the first floor in the Rogers Building.

A website with career information and resources to help students prepare for a future in healthcare.

Optimal Resume
A system to help you build a better resume and cover letter. Also has a helpful interview prep component!

Occupational Outlook Handbook
Research hundreds of careers—including job descriptions, average salaries, etc.!
Check out the Internet’s best resource for career planning, grad schools, etc.!

Salary Calculator Center
Find guidelines for salaries in various regions and occupations.

‚ÄčHave questions? Meet with the Career and Internship Coordinator to discuss your job search strategies or email

Beginning Your Search

First you will need to determine how you will keep track of the positions you are interested in. When considering positions, it is important to carefully review the job description and information provided to critically assess your eligibility and competitiveness. It is helpful for you to  identify the skills that are expressly or implicitly indicated on the job description, and the ways in which you believe you meet these skills. Consider using something like the Job & Skill Tracking Sheet. 


Available Positions

Students are encouraged to check out College Central to view current job postings. Positions are updated continuously, so students are encouraged to check often!  

Log-in to College Central

If you have not used College Central before, you will need to create a free account. Students are responsible for verifying the information found in college central and confirming eligibility. Report any job closures to


Additional Job Posting Sites

In addition to the positions found on College Central, the following sites may have additional job postings: