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Sharon Kay Masters, Ph.D.
Professor of Sociology

"Teaching and student learning are inseparable processes in education. For the teacher, it involves a complex balance of imparting knowledge, faciltating student engagement, and having expertise in knowing when to help and when to challenge. My approach to teaching sociology is based on mutual creativity between teacher and student, where we digest the data of the discipline and explore its implications with critical thinking; and ultimately the student personalizes the subject through active involvement."

Sharon Kay Masters, Ph. D., is Professor of Department of  Sociology and Criminology, and Director, Women's Studies Program. Receiving her doctorate from the University at Buffalo, State University of New York, she focuses on socio-environmental research including the Love Canal, natural disasters in Texas and Utah, and the impact of modernization on the families of Easter Island. She co-edited an interdisciplinary textbook for the Florida Southern women's studies program and published two anthologies in women's studies. She has participated in several study-abroad programs with students, traveling to England, Scotland, France, New Zealand, Fiji, Thailand, Australia and China. She is actively involved in the local community, maintaining a student service learning partnership with an after-school program, and serving on the boards of local agencies reaching out to women and girls.

Courses Taught

Introduction to Sociology Online; Disasters, Civilizations, and the Environment; Marriage and Family; Sociological Theory; Methods of Social Research; Sociology Internship; Women in Contemporary Culture; Women’s Studies Internship


B.A., M.A., Ph.D., State University of New York at Buffalo

Honors and Awards

Faculty/Staff Volunteer of the Year, FSC 2005-06

Most Outstanding Faculty Member, Panhellenic and Inter-fraternity Councils 1995

National Institutes of Mental Health, Pre-doctoral Research Grant

Select list of publications and papers

Florida without Borders:  Women at the Intersections of the Local and Global, edited by Sharon Kay Masters, Judy A. Hayden, and Kim Vaz.  UK:  Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2008.

Many Floridas:  Women Envisioning Change, edited by Judy A. Hayden, Sharon Kay Masters, Rhonda Ovist, and Kim Vaz.  UK:  Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2007.

Interdisciplinary Perspectives in Women’s Studies, edited by Sharon Kay Masters and Paula Buck—women’s studies interdisciplinary anthology, 1999.  Used as an in-house textbook for course, Introduction to Women’s Studies, at Florida Southern College.

“Women in Sports:  One Hundred Years of Cultural Images,” author, 1999.  Article is included in interdisciplinary anthology (above).