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Gabriel Langford

Location  130 Polk Science
Phone  863.680.4318

Gabriel Langford, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Biology

“I feel that using an interactive approach allows students to start asking questions about biology instead of just memorizing scientific facts, enabling them to have a broader understanding of the subject matter. I also feel strongly that ecology and environmental studies courses should be transported into an outdoor classroom whenever possible. I believe that field-based courses are the best mechanism for teaching ecology, and in my experience students excel when presented with real-world challenges.””

Biology for your Life; Environmental Science; Ecology; Honors Research in Biology; Marine Biology; Biology Fundamentals; Parasitology; Evolution

My research focuses on the ecology and evolution of parasite life histories, and I have an interest in amphibian and reptile conservation. My research primarily occurs in and around aquatic habitats, where my students and I get wet and muddy collecting a variety of organisms! My parasitological research utilizes amphibians and reptiles as model systems to investigate issues of parasite community structure, host specificity, life cycle evolution, and biodiversity. My conservation research focuses on the population ecology of freshwater turtles in central Florida. I also have an interest in ecotoxicology and invertebrate zoology (especially spiders).


Ph.D. Parasitology, University of Nebraska
M.S. Herpetology, University of South Alabama
B.G.S. Environmental Studies, University of Kansas

Honors and Awards

  • Student-Faculty Collaborative Summer Research Grant, Florida Southern College, Lakeland, FL, 2012
  • University of Nebraska’s Teaching Council and Parent Association Teaching Award, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE, 2009
  • Blair Paxton Udale Estate Scholarship Award, University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Molecular phylogenetic analysis of some North American Rhabdias spp., 2007-2008
  • David A. Becker Memorial Award for Best Oral Presentation. Annual meeting of the Southwestern Association of Parasitologists, Lake Texoma, OK, 2006
  • National Estuarine Research Reserve Fellowship-National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Parasite biodiversity of amphibians and reptiles at the Grand Bay NERR, Mississippi. 2006-2009
  • Mobile Bay National Estuarine Program Grant. Effects of Forest Management Edges on Amphibian/Reptile Assemblages and Toxicant Loading in the Mobile-Tensaw Delta (Baldwin Co., AL). 2004-2005

Publications or Exhibitions

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Langford, G.J. and J.C. Bruno*. 2011. Siren lacertina (Greater Siren) Diet. Herpetological Review 42:256. *Undergraduate author

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