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Location Becker Business Building 223
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Joshua Hall

Assistant Professor of Economics

Dr. Joshua D. Hall, Ph.D., is a Visiting Assistant Professor of International Business and Economics at Florida Southern College. His doctorate degree in economics was earned in 2010 from Drexel University and his under grades degree in international business and management was earned in 2005 from Elizabethtown College. Dr. Hall’s current research includes the income inequality and poverty in developing countries specially focusing on the roles of education, international trade, technological change and remittances. Other research projects involves economic growth and best practices in incorporating international trade into the undergraduate classroom. Dr. Hall has presented his research across the United States and at international conferences including locations such as Jerusalem, Israel, Vienna, Austria, and Istanbul, Turkey, among others and participated in faculty conferences in China, Spain and Morocco. Dr. Hall teaching Introduction to Global Business, Business Statistics. Principles of Macroeconomics, International Trade and Finance and the Economics of Global Inequality and Poverty. He led students on various travel abroad courses to Argentina, Chile, Italy and Ghana and chaired both the International Programs Committee and the Teaching Effectiveness Committee.