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Drew Dalton, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Philosophy

"An education in philosophy should aim to inform and transform the human experience with the goal of making life easier to endure and enjoy. A good professor pursues this aim by challenging the student to develop a critical consciousness and ethical sensitivity. I hope to cultivate an active and challenging dialogical space in the classroom where we can all learn from one another while we pursue peace and justice within ourselves and our world."

Drew M. Dalton received his M.A. and Ph.D. from the Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium, where he studied with Professor Rudi Visker at the Institute for Social and Political Philosophy in conjunction with the Husserl Archives. His research and teaching interests are in Phenomenology, German Idealism and Psychoanalysis. His latest book, Longing for the Other: Levinas and Metaphysical Desire, was published with Duquesne University Press in 2009 and explored the relevance of 20th Century French Philosopher Emmanuel Levinas’ account of desire to contemporary social problems including global inequity and reckless consumerism. He is currently working on a new book exploring the possibility of forging an ethics of resistance via the thought of Michel Foucault and Jacques Lacan.

Courses Taught

What is Philosophy?; Ethics; Logic; Great Philosophers I - Ancient and Medieval; Great Philosophers II - Modern and Contemporary; Knowledge, Truth and Reality; Asian Philosophy; Animal Rights and Environmental Ethics; Directed Study: Heidegger’s Phenomenology; Directed Study: Nietzsche and Deleuze’s Critical Philosophy; What is Happiness? (Interdisciplinary course, team-taught with a colleague from the Department of Psychology)


Ph.D., M.A., Philosophy, University of Leuven/Louvain (KU Leuven)
B.A., Interdisciplinary Studies, Wheaton College

Honors and Awards

Winner of the 2010-2011 Phi Eta Sigma “Lover of Wisdom”

Faculty Member of the Year Award, Florida Southern College

Winner of the 2011 Florida Southern College Summer Research and Travel Stipend

Winner of the 2009-2010 Abbot Gerald McCarthy Faculty Member of the Year Award

Saint Anselm College; Finalist for the 2008-2009 Abbot Gerald McCarthy Faculty Member of the Year Award, Saint Anselm College

Winner of the 2005 Higher Institute of Philosophy Merit Based Research Stipend, University of Leuven, Belgium.

Recent publications

“The Vaccination of the Infinite: Levinas’ Metaphysical Desire and the Call of the Other,” Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory, Vol. 11:3, Spring 2011. p. 22-29.

“The Object of Anxiety: Heidegger, Levinas and the Phenomenology of the Dead,” Janus Head: Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature, Continental Philosophy, Phenomenological Psychology, and the Arts, Special Issue, Vol. 12:2, 2010. p. 66-83.

“Otherwise than Nothing: Heidegger, Levinas and the Phenomenology of Evil,” Philosophy and Theology, Vol. 21:1-2, 2009. p. 105-128.

“Being and Time for Schelling: An Exploration of Schelling’s Theory of Temporality and Existence,” Idealistic Studies, Vol. 38:3, Fall 2009. p. 175-184.