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Ersin Deger

Location 146 / Polk Science
Phone 863.680.3746

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Ersin Deger, Ph.D.

Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics

A friendly atmosphere is vital in class, and it is not the job of my students, but rather mine to build that. It is a safe bet to say that students would hate being in a math class where they are on edge. Therefore, I work hard so my classroom is a fun and relaxed learning environment where they feel comfortable, they can get involved and feel free to ask questions or make comments.”

Dr. Deger has a PhD in mathematics from Purdue University, IN and a master of science degree from the University of Minnesota, MN with emphasis on industrial math. He grew up in Istanbul, Turkey and went to Bilkent University, Turkey where he received his bachelor's degree. He loves soccer, cooking and singing. He is married and has one 9-year old son.


PhD, Mathematics Purdue University, IN, MS, Industrial and Applied Mathematics University of Minnesota, MN, Aug 2007

MS, Industrial and Applied Mathematics, University of Minnesota, MN, March 2000

BS, Mathematics Bilkent University, Turkey,  June 1996

Publications and Exhibitions

E. Deger, The Bell representative domain: its conformal equivalence to an annulus and its Ahlfors maps, submitted to Fixed Point Theory and Applications, (October 2013).

E. Deger (with S. Bell and T. Tegtmeyer), A Riemann mapping theorem for two-connected domains in the plane, Computational Methods and Function Theory 9 (2009), No. 1, 323-334.

E. Deger, Computing the Szegö kernel for a two-connected domain, (in preparation).

E. Deger, A biholomorphism from the Bell representative domain onto an annulus and kernel functions, Purdue University, PhD thesis, (2007).