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Past Speakers


Nikki Giovanni

An Evening of Poetry, Love, and Enlightenment

Mira Nair

Between Two Worlds: An Evening with Mira Nair

Sarah Lewis

Vision and Justice


photo of Dr. William Phillips

Dr. William Phillips

Dr. William Phillips, distinguished university professor of physics at the University of Maryland, College Park, was a co-recipient of the Nobel Prize in 1997 for his work on laser cooling, a technique to slow the movement of gaseous atoms in order to better study them.

photo of Dr. Mae C. Jemison

Dr. Mae C. Jemison

Dr. Mae C. Jemison, the first woman of color in the world to go into space, served six years as a NASA astronaut. She flew aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavour’s STS-47 Spacelab J mission in September 1992 and was NASA’s first Science Mission Specialist performing experiments in material science, life science, and human adaptation to weightlessness.

photo of Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman

Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman

Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman is a cognitive psychologist, author, and scientific director of The Imagination Institute at the University of Pennsylvania’s Positive Psychology Center. His specialty is the development of intelligence, creativity, and personality.