316 Christoverson Humanities Building


Rebecca R. Saulsbury, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of English

"I strive to create a classroom environment in which students are actively engaged with the subject matter and materials for each course, helping them to cultivate their critical thinking skills by encouraging them to participate in large- and small-group discussions, individual and group oral presentations, and creative projects and essays that demand they think about literature in sometimes unconventional or untraditional ways."

Courses Taught

Writing About Music; Writing About American Identity; American Literature I; American Literature II; Studies in Literary Genres: The American Novel


Ph. D. in American Studies, Purdue University
M. A. in English, Purdue University
B. A. in English, University of Puget Sound

Honors and Awards

Jesse Ball DuPont Summer Seminar: “The Globalization of American Literary Studies.” National Humanities Center, Research Triangle, North Carolina 2008
National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Institute: “The Continuing Significance of Toccqueville’s Democracy in America.”  Bethel College, Minnesota 2007

Recent publications

Conference Papers delivered
"Negotiating the Generational Divide: Chick Lit and Feminism(s)."  Florida College English Association, Melbourne, FL. (October 2011)

“Rose-Colored Glasses: Teaching Post-Feminism Through the Lens of Chick Lit and Popular Culture.” Popular Culture Association/American Cultural Association and Southwest Texas PCA/ACA 2011 Conference, San Antonio, TX. (April 2011)

"'This is Soooo Boring’: Making Literature Relevant to Non-English Majors.” Florida College English Association, Rollins College, FL. (October 2010)

Invited Lectures
“Questions Are The Thing.”  Keynote Address.  Phi Kappa Phi Induction Ceremony. Florida Southern Chapter.  18 April 2011.

“Images of Women and Collective Action in College Girls’ Fiction.”  Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. Women’s History Brunch.  Florida Southern College. 13 March 2011.

I also take students to the Florida College English Association Conferences.  Students are given the opportunity to read final versions of their reference papers.

Current Projects & Research Interests

I am currently researching the relationship between the recovery of 19th-century American women writers and similar hostilities in academia toward popular women’s literature of the late 20th and 21st centuries, referred to as “Chick Lit” (i.e. “Bridget Jones’s Diary”).  I am also focusing on effective and successful pedagogical strategies for teaching literature to non-English majors.

Areas of Expertise

18th- and 19th-century American and African American Literature; American Women Writers; “Chick” Lit (i.e. Bridget Jones’s Diary).