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Campus Resources


Connect With the Right Opportunities

As a student currently attending Florida Southern College, you have already connected to caring faculty and staff, made new friends, and learned your way around campus. Below you’ll find the resources you need to succeed in and out of the classroom.

Get Organized


Order your books for the upcoming semester, buy some cool FSC gear, or find the perfect gift for someone special.

Phone: 863.680.4186
Fax: 863.680.6272


Business Office/Student Accounts

Have questions about finalizing enrollment or paying your Student Account balance? The Business Office can assist you with finalizing your enrollment. In addition, they can answer questions you may have about your Student Account or the release of the balance of your financial assistance to you.

Phone: 863.680.4154
Fax: 863.616.6467


Community Living

Questions about roommates, housing, and other student services? Come to us! Here at FSC we strive to make your experience on campus a positive and impactful one, and our well-trained staff and resident advisors will ensure this.

Phone: 863.680.4209
Fax: 863.680.4195


Financial Aid

Take advantage of the different types of federal, state and community aid available to you, and find the help you need to get through the application process!

Phone: 800.205.1600


Mail Services

Mail Services provides postal services such as stamps, priority mail, insured mail, tracking services and a variety of other United States Postal Service services to the campus community. It is also the home to mailboxes and postal delivery for students.

Phone: 863.680.6222


Registrar’s Office

The Registrar’s Office will assist you in taking care of official business such as verifying your admission or enrollment status or obtaining an official Florida Southern College transcript. They can also help demystify the confusing world of incoming credits for you and assist you in figuring out what classes you do and don’t need in order to graduate.

Phone: 863.680.4127
Fax: 863.680.4565


Testing Services

Find information on test dates, test registration procedures, and test day policies for a variety of national standardized exams, such as CLEP, ACT, LSAT and others.

Phone: 863.680.4299


Get a life

Association of Campus Entertainment (ACE)

The Association of Campus Entertainment (ACE) constantly provides FSC students with exciting activities, and is your primary source of entertainment on campus. They sponsor a wide variety of events throughout the academic year. Every event put on is unique and identifies with the culture of Florida Southern College, because it is organized by people who know exactly what that means!



Love to compete? More importantly, love to win? You should think about Florida Southern Athletics. The Mocs have won 28 division II national championships, including 19 NCAA sports and a fantastic water-skiing team. Get in contact with a coach, check out the scores and photos from a recent game, view rosters, and follow all FSC athletics news on the athletics website!

Phone: 863.680.4244

Campus Ministries

The student-led campus ministries are at the heart of religious life at Florida Southern. Virtually every night of the week there is an opportunity for students to put their beliefs into practice and live out their faith. With a variety of offerings, its easy to find your niche, develop your leadership skills, and discover your place in a ministry to be passionate about.

Phone: 863.680.6211

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Center for Student Involvement

Whether your interests lie in cultural, social, educational, or recreational activities — we have something for you! Check out the student life calendar for more information on the clubs and meetings going on around campus.

Phone: 863.680.4499
Fax: 863.616.6464

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Greek Life

Along with friendships and fun, Greek organizations excel at bringing out the best in their members. Through involvement in their various activities and philanthropies, brothers and sisters develop leadership, organization, communication and interpersonal skills. Even more importantly than these skills, members of Greek life develop a bond that will remain with them for the rest of their lives.

Phone: 863.680.4499


Festival of Fine Arts

A unique arts series, the Festival of Fine Arts provides students with invaluable opportunities to attend outstanding performances, interact with guest artists, and perform with faculty and peers. Most events are free to students.

Phone: 863.680.4296


Simmons Multicultural Center

Here at the Life and Cultural Center, we provide students with volunteer opportunities in the community. We especially concentrate our services with minority and international students, but provide programs to everyone in order to enlighten them to the diverse culture that is engrained within our Florida Southern College family.

Phone: 863.680.6285
Fax: 863.680.4443


Student Clubs & Organizations

Florida Southern College has many ways for students to get involved on campus. There are more than 80 student organizations covering a diverse range of topics—something for everyone.


Student Development

Bill Langston, the Dean of Student Development, helps guide both undergraduate and graduate students from freshmen orientation through graduation. Bill, along with the rest of the staff promotes academic and personal success with services such as academic counseling, personal goal setting, transfer support services, student conduct and more.


Study Abroad/Junior Journey

Florida Southern College believes that immersing yourself in a different culture, or even country is a key component to your education. That is why we offer study abroad programs, and even guarantee a ‘Journey’ after your junior year of college. These programs provide you with the opportunity to redefine yourself and the world around you, while simultaneously connecting this knowledge with your studies and giving you academic credit.

Phone: 863.616.6411
Fax: 863.680.3088


Outdoor Recreation

Channel your inner adventure! FSC Recreation provides you with plenty of opportunities to get in touch with your nature side and involve yourself in outdoor activities ranging from deep-sea fishing trips to rock wall climbing to paintball battles.


Get A Job

Career Center

Don’t wait until senior year to start using all of the services the FSC Career Center can provide for you! Our career counselors can help you think about possible majors, explore your unique skills and interests, and consider ways to experience the real world of work during your college years. The center maintains updated lists of jobs and internships for qualified students. Dedicated career counselors work with students on resume writing, interviewing skills, preparing for graduate school and professional networking. And when it’s time to leap into the real world, the Career Center can soften the landing through its extensive alumni network.

Phone: 863.680.4390
Fax: 863.680.5121

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Get out there and help someone! Florida Southern College offers plenty of different service clubs and individual service programs for students who want to give back their time to the community. You could make sandwiches for the homeless, construct houses for the needy, or donate your services to any other worthy cause.

Phone: 863.680.4499


Work-study opportunities

Needing some extra cash? FSC provides tons of different employment options for students, ranging in anything from secretarial duties to food services to being a bicycle technician. Check out the job board to see what departments are hiring student workers. You must have a certain level of financial need to qualify.


Get Healthy

Counseling Center

Counseling hours are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Located in the Thrift Building, 1st floor, Mon-Fri. 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM; Sat/Sun 3:00 PM – 8:00 PM. There are times when all of us need support when navigating the freedoms, responsibilities and social interactions of life. The caring staff members at the Counseling Center are a confidential resource for any and all of your concerns, large or small.

Phone: 863.680.6236


Student Health Center

Available 7 days a week: Mon-Fri. 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM; Sat/Sun 3:00 PM – 8:00 PM. Florida Southern’s Student Health Center provides professional, efficient, and cost-effective medical care in a comfortable and caring environment.

Phone: 863.680.4292



Princeton Review recently ranked Florida Southern #6 in the “Everybody Plays Intramural Sports” category. Our amazing intramural program offers both individual and team sports. You don’t need to be a star athlete to participate—just play for fun, physical activity, and sportsmanship!

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Wellness Center

FSC’s Wellness Program encourages a holistic lifestyle focused on health, fitness, and recreation. Activities at the Wellness Center include aquatics, fitness, group exercise classes, intramural sports, and outdoor recreational programs.

Phone: 863.680.6290

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Dining Services/Meals

The FSC dining staff works hard to provide you with the best food your meal plan can buy. We offer six dining options on campus including Wynee’s Bistro, Terrace Cafe/Freshens, TuTu’s Cyber Cafe, Buck Stop, Grill Master and MocMart Convenience Store. If you’re looking for information regarding nutrition facts, dining hours, or Wynee’s daily menu come here!


Get Help

Campus Safety and Security

Need a parking permit? Lost your ID Card? Want an escort to walk you back to your room after a late-night study session? The Office of Campus Safety can help.

In an emergency call
– Ext. 3555


Information Services

Information Services provides the technology you need during your time at FSC. Here, you will find an array of networking and computing resources.

Phone: 863.616.6426


Library and Archives

With state-of-the-art computing facilities and an extensive collection of educational materials, which can even be accessed online, our Library and Archives provides educational resources that enrich your learning.

Phone: 863.680.4164

Safe Ride Home

Need a ride? This is a free service to students, providing complimentary cab rides from anywhere in Lakeland back to campus, if you have an emergency situation or feel unsafe. This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Be sure to have your Student ID ready, and to tip the drivers. Just call 863.665.8151. Key chains with the phone number are available in the SGA Office.

Phone: 863.665.8151


Student Accountability, Education and Compliance

We facilitate the student accountability process, serve as investigators for student Title IX issues, provides prevention, education, and awareness programs, and maintain compliance for federal and state mandates.

Amanda Blount - 863.680.6221

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Student Disability Services

Students with disabilities requesting accommodations should contact us. We are here to help.

Phone: 863.680.4196
Fax: 863.680.5121


Student Solutions Center

Seeking information, assistance, or guidance in your college career? The Student Solutions Center serves as a central support and referral department for any questions or problems you may have. Through our services, we seek to help students succeed academically, personally, and in life.

Phone: 863.680.4900
Fax: 863.680.4567

Title IX Resources/Anti-Discrimination

If you believe you have experienced sexual discrimination (including sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, or sexual violence), our Title IX officers can help. Get in touch.

Phone: 863.680.3964