Job Title: TechBuddy
Department: School of Education
Supervisor: Terry Redman
Phone: 863-616-4212
Number of Positions Open: 2
Duties: TechBuddies assist students and faculty with different technology needs. This includes: Portal, SMART, Microsoft Office, and other web tools. TechBuddies work closely with faculty and must be able to train them on these tools.
Qualifications: Applicant should have a good understanding of Microsoft Office and the Portal from a student’s perspective. We will train you on other programs that are supported by the TechBuddies. Applicant must be at least a second semester Freshman. Must be comfortable working in a team environment.
Job Title: Communications Assistant
Department: Enrollment Management
Supervisor: Cassie Paizis
Phone: 863-680-3883
Number of Positions Open: 1 (10 hours per week)
Duties: The communications assistant will help in the production of HTML emails to be deployed in undergraduate marketing campaigns.
Qualifications: Hands-on experience coding HTML required; Familiarity with newer web HTML standards as well and use when appropriate; Familiarity with HTML 4 standards including tables; Some experience with CSS preferred; Proficiency with Photoshop required; Functional understanding of content management systems; Strong ability to work independently; Solid written and verbal communications skill; High attention to detail
Job Title: Greenhouse Worker
Department: Horticulture
Supervisor: Maria Carver
Phone: 863-680-4581
Number of Positions Open:
Duties: Watering, fertilizing, pruning and potting of greenhouse plants. Scouting of pests on citrus, greenhouse plants and the horticulture department’s landscape areas. To assist horticulture professors with labs, research projects and other duties when required. Weeding and cleaning of greenhouse and landscape beds. Checking and maintaining irrigation systems, as well as some greenhouse controls.
Qualifications: Preferred Horticulture or Citrus student. Student must have knowledge of basic plant needs and willing to work some weekends. Able to work in hot, wet and uncomfortable environments.