Summer Options

Summer Options

Five weeks is all it takes to lighten your fall course load, retake a class you dropped, or put yourself on the fast track for early graduation.

Plan your summer courses while making your spring registration selections. You may register for classes via the web portal.

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Current students may register for both classes and housing via the FSC portal. Not an FSC student? Please complete an application. Financial Aid is available. Call us at 800.680.4567 to find out if you qualify.


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Summer Sessions

Summer Options

Always wanted to try waterskiing? Curious about yoga? This summer is your opportunity to experience new things and find new passions. With more than 70 courses to choose from, Florida Southern’s summer program allows you to focus on a particular area of interest or simply sample topics that pique your interest.

3-year finish

3-year finish

FSC’s summer option are a great way to stay on course to a 3-year finish. 3-year graduation tracks are available for majors in Biology, Business, Advertising and Public Relations, Education, and Psychology.

Have fun in the sun!

Have fun in the sun!

What’s a summer that’s all work and no play?! When you need a break from studying, FSC’s campus will be abuzz with activities. Have fun participating in intramural sports, water front activities, fitness classes, and other special events. Stay tuned!

Study Abroad

Study Abroad

Want to get out of town this summer? Pursue your studies all over the world. You will have the opportunity to meet other students from around the globe, travel, and practice foreign language skills, all while earning academic credit. FSC has exciting trips scheduled to India, Italy, and England to name a few! | More about Study Abroad! »

With Summer Options,
you can:

  • Take Courses Online – From Anywhere in the World
  • Save Money
  • Work Toward Early Graduation
  • Retake a Class to Improve Your GPA

Summer Session Dates!

Summer A
May 7 - June 10
 Download Schedule

Summer B
June 11 - July 15
 Download Schedule

Summer C
May 7 - July 15
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 Download Summer 2014 Schedule

Currently enrolled students register via the portal or attend registration (see below).


Summer A & C 2014
May 5 Registration Online Closes at 5:00 p.m.
May 6 Register (in person)
Registrar's Office, Buckner Building
9 - 11 a.m.
Summer B 2014
June 9 Registration Online Closes 5:00 p.m.
June 10 Register (in person)
Registrar's Office, Buckner Building
9 - 11 a.m.

Drop /Withdrawal Dates

Summer A May 23
Summer B June 27
Summer C June 13


Summer A, B & C $450.00 (per credit hour)
Technology Fee $ 15.00 (up to 4 credit hours)
Technology Fee $ 30.00 (from 5-8 credit hours)
Technology Fee $ 50.00 (from 9-12 credit hours)
Summer A $100.00 per week/double room
$130.00 per week/single room if available
Summer B $100.00 per week/double room
$130.00 per week/single room if available
Summer C $100.00 per week/double room
$130.00 per week/single room if available

Refund Dates

Summer A & C 2014
May 9 Last day for full refund
May 13 Last day for 50% refund
May 19 Last day for 25% refund
Summer B 2014
June 13 Last day for a full refund
June 17 Last day for 50% refund
June 23 Last day for 25% refund

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Summer 2014 will consist of three sessions with over 45 offerings offered completely online to accommodate student returning home for the summer.

Students are encouraged to complete summer course work in order to maintain academic progress of at least 16 credit hours per semester. Students can use the summer semester to repeat coursework that was completed with an unsatisfactory grade or to take a challenging course that might be difficult to complete during the fall or spring.


How many sessions are offered this year?
Three sessions are offered this year in both online and face-to-face offerings Session A is a five week term from May 7 to June 10, session B a five week term from June 11 to July 15 and Session C is a ten week term spanning Session A and B. Please see the schedule of classes for more information.
How many classes can a student take during the 2014 Summer Sessions?
Students are limited to enrolling in no more than 20 total hours of course work in sessions A, B and C combined.
What holiday(s)or breaks will be observed during the 2014 Summer Sessions?
Monday, May 26 - Memorial Day
Friday, July 4 - Independence Day


What are the costs of taking courses in the 2014 Summer Sessions?
See Costs
I’m not sure how taking a summer course will impact my academic progress for next year. Who should I talk with if I have a question?
Be sure to contact your academic adviser with specific questions concerning how taking courses during the summer will impact degree completion.
I’m a current FSC student and want to enroll in the 2014 Summer Sessions, how do I enroll?
Students can now register via the FSC portal or you may come to the scheduled registrations listed below.
I’m new to FSC or I’m re-entering FSC and want to enroll in the 2014 Summer Session course. How do I enroll?
All new students wishing to enroll during summer sessions at FSC must complete an application for admission. New students must appear at registration in order to enroll. The registration dates are listed below.

Registration will be held in the Registrar’s Office in the Buckner Building.

Session Number Dates Registration 
Summer A and C; May 5th online registration closes at 5:00PM; May 6th (in person) Registrar’s Office, Buckner Building 9-11AM.
Summer B; June 9th online registration closes at 5:00PM’ June 10th (in person) Registrar’s Office, Buckner Building 9-11AM.
I’m not an FSC student and would like to enroll in a class at FSC and transfer it back to my home institution. How do I enroll?
If you are a degree-seeking student at another institution and would like to take summer courses at FSC to transfer back to your home institution (you are considered a Transient Student), please complete the Program Application and submit a “Transient Student Permission form” (from your home institution) to the FSC Office of Admissions. The Transient Permission Form must indicate the specific courses that you have been approved to take, and it must be signed by an appropriate individual at your home (current) institution. Be sure to attend the registration session listed above.
I’m applying to FSC and will start in the Fall Semester. How can I enroll in a Summer 2014 class?
If you plan to enroll at FSC as a new freshman or you are a transfer student entering during the summer, you should complete the Application for the Summer Program and the FSC Application for Admission. In addition, all necessary transcripts, test scores, and other supporting documentation must be received and processed by the Office of Admissions prior to your enrollment. Be sure to attend the registration session as listed above.
I’m seeking teacher certification, recertification or an add-on certification. How do I enroll in courses offered over the summer?
If you are planning to take a course to renew or add-on to a current teaching certificate simply complete the Application for Summer Program and provide a photocopy of your current teaching certificate. Be sure to attend the registration session listed above.
What are the deadlines for class payment?
Session Term Date 
Session A Wednesday, May 7, 2014
Session B Wednesday, June 11, 2014
Session C Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Registration is Now Open

Current students can now register via the FSC portal.

Not an FSC student?

If you're not currently and FSC student and would like to join us for summer, complete an application »