Kathy Benn


# 4 Gilbert Gym

Kathleen Benn
Associate Professor of Physical Education

"My philosophy for the last 47 years is to create a positive learning environment that challenges my students at a high level and allows them plenty of opportunity to contribute and enjoy their classes. I want my students to succeed in all domains of teaching to love what they do and to continue to strive for and maintain high standards always."

Mrs. Benn was raised in Oak Ridge Tennessee where her Father was working on the Manhattan Project.  As the second oldest of 10 children there was plenty of opportunity to be active and play sports. Oak Ridge was a unique community where recreation and sports were a big part of life after school and on weekends. This is where she discovered her strong passion for teaching physical education. At Murray State University she was influenced by a faculty in the Physical Education Department who's goals were to create a positive atmosphere where learning was challenging but enjoyable.

Courses Taught

Motor Development; Motor Learning; Test and Measurements; Fitness and Prescription; Nutrition for Performance; Teaching Sec Classroom Management; Senior Internship; Administration of Sport; Physical Education in Elementary Schools; Games and Rhythmics; Teaching Team and Individual Sports; Lifeguard Training; Beginning Tennis; Intermediate Tennis; First Aid and Safety; Modern Dance; Folk and Square Dance; History and Principles of Physical Education; Wellness Management; Fencing; Judo; Billiards; Badminton; Self-Defense; Bowling; Volleyball; Racquetball; Water Safety Instruction


M. A., B. S., Physical Education, Murray State University

Honors and Awards

Omicron Delta Kappa Leadership Honorary

Omicron Delta Kappa Teacher of theYear Award - 1996