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Peter V. Bias, Ph.D. 
Professor of Business and Economics

"An educated person knows more than bullet points. I try to get students to understand how and why particular things occur in economics or statistics. I start with a very extensive grounding in the principles and work up from there."

Dr. Bias is Professor of Business and Economics at Florida Southern College. He received both his B.A. and Ph.D. in economics at the University of Cincinnati. Dr. Bias joined the faculty of Florida Southern College in 1988. His teaching interests are in the areas of quantitative methods (statistics; regression analysis; forecasting), monetary macroeconomics (the use of monetary policy in macroeconomics), and introductory economics, although he has also taught labor economics, public finance, and both microeconomics and macroeconomics at the graduate level. Dr. Bias was recognized in 2006 with Florida Southern College's Ben and Janice Wade Outstanding Teaching Award.

Dr. Bias has occasionally been an economics expert for court cases in Polk County, and he has given invited lectures and seminars on topics including monetary policy, game theory, the allocation of public vs. private goods, and the economics of mining. Professional presentations and papers have included optimal inventory safety stocks, economic models of commercial banks, regional econometric forecasts, the use of the Taylor Rule in monetary policy, Phillips curves, and nominal GDP targeting by the Federal Reserve, among others.

Dr. Bias also has intersts in other fields. He has published papers in math/statistics journals and astronomy journals. He has written a book on meteors, his lifelong hobby, which was published in Dec. 2005, and has been a contributing member of the American Meteor Society and International Meteor Organization since the late 1960s. He is also a rated expert in the United States Chess Federation. He established a chess club at FSC and coordinated and taught scholastic chess in Polk County for several years.

Courses Taught

Elementary Statistics; Principles of Microeconomics; Principles of Macroeconomics; Applied Statistics for Businesss and Economics (Quantitative Methods); Public Economics; MBA Managerial Economics; MBA Quantitative Methods; MBA Synthesis and Trends


Ph.D., B.A., Economics, University of Cincinnati

Honors and Awards

BBSBFE representative to the AACSB conference in Philadelphia - September 2011

Florida Southern College's Ben and Janice Wade Outstanding Teaching Award - 2006

Florida Southern College's Lover of Wisdom Award - 2001

William Howard Taft Fellowship, University of Cincinnati - 1985

Recent publications

In addition to numerous journal articles and conference presentations, Dr. Bias has written workbooks and study guides for statistics and has edited graduate level readings compendium on monetary macroeconomics. Having worked closely with some of the world’s foremost meteoricists, Dr. Bias published a popular science book on meteors and meteor showers in December 2005.