From the interworking of the human brain to the study of ancient civilizations, the Social Sciences program offers an interdisciplinary study of subject areas.

Social science majors develop a broad understanding of human behavior and events, perspective which can be used to develop new ideas and approaches to nearly every aspect of society. Combining this broad foundation with courses taken through FSC's School of Education, the social science major can also prepare students for secondary education certification as regulated by the Florida State Department of Education.

Top Reasons to Choose FSC For Humanities

  • Students are prepared for postgraduate education and all professional settings with courses that emphasize critical skills in reading, writing, researching, and problem solving.
  • Combined with courses in education, the Social Science major is an excellent foundation for students planning careers as educators at the secondary level.
  • A major in Social Science can be applied to many professions, including careers in government, law, administration, education, and social work.
  • Your studies in the Social Science major will enable you to think clearly and critically about the structure and foundations of human behavior and social institutions.
  • The flexibility and compact size of the Social Science program makes it an excellent second major for students already majoring in another field.

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Program Requirements

Social Sciences Major Requirements

A. General Education Requirements 40 hours
B. Major Requirements 44 hours
GEO 3320 Principles of Macroeconomics
THE 1213 Human Geography
GEO 3340 World/Regional Geography
HIS 1115 The West and the World to the Early Modern Era
HIS 1125 The West and the World since the Early Modern Era
HIS 2215 The American Experience through the Civil War
HIS 2225 The American Experience since the Civil War
HIS 3355 History of Florida
HIS 3275 History of East Asia
HIS 3365 History of Modern Latin America
POS 1125 The American Political System
POS 3323 International Politics and Organizations
POS 3327 Topics in Comparative Politics
PSY 1106 Psychology and the Social World
SOC 1100 Introduction to Sociology
C. Bachelor of Arts Degree Requirements 20 hours
D. Bachelor of Science Degree Requirements 12 hours
C. Electives 24-32 hours
D. Total 128 hours

Course Descriptions